Ideas & Thoughts

Many outsourcing companies in the world always have to think hard to find a cost-effective solution in production. There are many facilities that need 7 to 8 people to stick the stickers on the tag according to the requirements of the production department, this is a very time consuming and labor-consuming process. With the labelling machine, only 1 person is needed to meet the productivity.

thẻ treo quần áo

The hangtag auto-labeling machine will be effective as listed:

–       Cut cost for hand-labeling by workers

–       Save production time while increasing output significantly

–       Control on labeling quantity/ consumption via PLC controller

–       Labeling position is precise and stable compared to manual application

–       And many more …

The machines can run labels in roll form or liner — From small – big SKU label can be easily handled by machines UNLIKE other automatic machines can only run large volume while garment industry has to meet small volume order as well. 

Hangtags Labelling Machine

Bags Labelling Machine

Our Experience

TDN would like to send our best wishes to your esteemed company. TDN has been supplying automation solutions/machines for the garment industry, especially for contractors of Adidas, Nike, Puma, Rebook, …, etc. We have been exporting to Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, …, etc.

Our machines have been developed from previous versions by increasing their performance and labeling capacity. Thus, our machines are not just only meet EU standards, but they come over with high-performance and reliability. Moreover, machines are designed by considering size to save much space at the factory and easy to operate. Therefore, our machines’ performance can replace the capacity of up to 5-8 professional labeling workers.