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Tin Dan Company (TDN) has been supplying automation solution/machine for garment industry especially for contractors of Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok…etc.

For local market, we have supplying automation solutions to Groups: A1A, BOWKER, LONGWAY, TUNGMING, LEADING STAR,…etc

We also export to: Cambodia, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, HongKong, India,….

There are various machine models due to different inquiries and products as below:

 Model: CTL-270

Application: Labelling for hangtags with toleration is ± 1mm

Output: 48,000pcs/day@ 8hours/shift

-> See video clip here  

CTL 270

Model: ALU-130

Application: Labelling for THIN plastic bags

Output: up to 48,000pcs/day@ 8hours/shift

See video clip here

May dan nhan ARL130 slot


 The hangtag auto-labelling machine will be effective as listed:

- Cut cost for hand-labelling by workers

- Save production time while increase output significantly

- Control on labeling quantity/consumption via PLC controlle

- Labelling position is precise and stable compared to manual application

Machine meet EU standards with high-performance and reliability. In addition to that the machine size is desk-top design therefore it won’t take much space at the factory and easy to operate. One machine can replace capacity of up to 5 professional labelling workers.

The machine can run labels in roll form or liner —> From small - big SKU label can easily be handled by machine UNLIKE other automatic machine can only run big volume while garment industry has to meet small volume order as well.

If you need further clarifications, please don’t hesitate to contact us Hotline +84 90 383 5500 - Ms. Violet Nguyen!


Nowadays, going abreast with the development of society, women are increasingly aware of the issues of health protection and beauty preservation. Thus, the cosmetic industry is constantly enhancing and improving its products as well as quality. Once being a product for the cosmetic industry, the decisive element for the product to come onto the market is the aestheticism of packaging, and makes sure that it really attracts the taste of customers.


TDN Company Limited known as “ TDN” has a long-standing history as a marketer of specialty products in the Holographic Industry.


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