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Nowadays, there are numerous counterfeits as well as faked goods of different brands deprived from mass production to high reputation. This is also a serious problem faced by various enterprises. Accordingly, they have suffered a headache in search of counterfeiting solutions to their brand protection so as to guarantee absolute prestige deserved with customers’ trust.

As enterprises make up their mind to launch a product into the market, it is synonymous with the fact that the product is the crystallization of an intelligence-investing process. As a result, to protect their “pet”, companies must make their choice of anti-counterfeit solutions against the possibility of being counterfeited or imitated all the time. Accordingly, criteria for choosing an anti-counterfeit stamp supplier which will be the top concern are evaluated in two aspects.

    Currently, various enterprises have been applying anti-counterfeit stamps as effective solutions to ensure their own tradename. However, contrary to the hope of fail-safety and the prestige of anti-counterfeit stamps, the phenomenon of faking anti-counterfeit stamps still keeps its existence in parallel with active markets, which drives numerous companies facing headache. In front of the above-mentioned reality, what should the companies do?


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